Yamaha NX-N500 Network Powered Speakers - Pair

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Product Code: NX-N500

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The Yamaha NX-N500 can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirPlay to play music wirelessly.

Wi-Fi can stream audio at a higher quality and over a greater distance than Bluetooth. This speaker can create its own local hotspot, meaning it will work even when there are Wi-Fi networks available nearby. The NX-N500 can also play music over DLNA, an open Wi-Fi standard for streaming media from one device to another. 


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MusicCast expands entertainment possibilities

Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth or AirPlay
High-grade USB DAC that supports DSD 5.6MHz native resolution and PCM 384kHz/32-bit for high-resolution reproduction
Exceptionally high performance ESS 32-bit D/A converter
Discrete configuration analog amplifier and bi-amp drive produce music with lively dynamism
Balanced transmission and balanced connection to thoroughly eliminate sound quality degradation due to noise
3cm dome tweeter for high resolution playback and A-PMD 13cm woofer unit
Rigid enclosure specially designed to suppress unwanted resonance
Indicator displays the speaker’s operating status and playback sound source
Remote control that makes performing basic operations simple
192kHz/24-bit optical digital input for connecting to a TV

Physical Specs

Channels 2.0 Channel
Internal Channels 1.1
Form Factor Bookshelf
Colors Black

Speaker Dimensions

Speaker Height
11.25 inches
Speaker Length
6.75 inches
Speaker Depth
9.75 inches
Speaker Weight

The NX-N500 is a bookshelf speaker; it's designed to be placed on a shelf, table, or other surface. It's 2.0 channel, meaning that it is a two-speaker set.


Weighing in at 26.4 lbs, the NX-N500 is one of the heaviestwireless speakers. A speaker's weight can actually be a positive indication of sound quality, as higher quality parts tend to weigh more.


The NX-N500's dimensions are 11.25 x 6.75 x 9.75 inches. At a volume of 740 in³, this is about as large as it gets for a 2.0 channel wireless speaker.