WyreStorm SP-0112 HDMI Splitter

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Product Code: WYR-SP0112

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The WyreStorm Standard HD Splitter Range are professional grade single and dual input splitters that provide distribution and replication of HD input to multiple duplicate displays - perfect for Retail AV, Commercial and Hospitality installation.


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The WyreStorm SP-0112  is a twelve-output HDMI splitter that distributes the connected HDMI input to twelve identical syncronised HDMI outputs.

The SP-0112 also buffers and amplifies the signal to ensure optimum transmission and reception over distances oup to 15m / 49ft (the typical recommended transmission distances for HDMI cables).

Compact for unobtrusive installations, the SP-0112 is also fully cascadable so multiple units may be combined to create a larger HD distribution.