Velodyne SC600IW In-Wall Subwoofer

Category: Subwoofers, 

Product Code: SC600IW

Availability: Low


The SC-600 IW (In-Wall) subwoofer fits flush in a standard 
2x4 studded wall and incorporates a sealed cabinet 
(no need for a separate back-box), for easy retrofit or new construction installation. 
It delivers tight, dynamic bass for music and home theater. 
A unique triple vector design, with twin active 6.5" long-throw 
drivers and twin custom passive radiators firing at 45 degree 
angles to the drivers, maximizes excursion within the wall cavity,
reducing wall vibration by 50% vs. other in-wall subs.


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Easy install in retrofit or new construction, with integrated cabinet; just cut, plug and play
•   New construction mud-ring is available as a place-holder
•   Amazing deep, powerful, low distortion bass performance
•   Minimum wall vibration via the unique triple vector design
•   Low-profile design virtually disappears, fitting flush in a standard 2x4 wall
•   Requires SC-600 Amplifier