Velodyne SC-1250 Amplifier

Category: Power Amplifiers, 

Product Code: SC-1250

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The SubContractor Series is a complete line of powerful, easy-to-install subwoofers designed to meet any custom installation need, whether it's in-room, in-wall, in-floor or in-ceiling. At the heart of the SC Series is the 1250 watt SC-1250 rack-mountable amplifier with a built-in 7-band automatic room-EQ. The SC-1250 uses Velodyne's patented Energy Recovery System (ERS) Class D switching amplifier. With 3000 watts dynamic power, it sports more than enough headroom to reproduce the impact and excitement of the most dramatic special effects and the lowest musical frequencies with detail and definition. Need even more bass? No problem. The SC-1250 can control up to two SC Series subs.


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• Incredibly easy to install and configure
   • 1250 watt RMS (3,000 watt peak) amplifier power
   • Reliable Class D Energy Recovery System (ERS) switching design (patented)
   • System friendly features: 12V trigger, IR repeater jack, RS-232 controllable (Creston Certified)
   • Easily configured for up to TWO subwoofers
   • Comes complete with remote, microphone and rack mount hardware