Paradigm CI Elite E80-A Angled In-Ceiling Speaker - Each

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The Elite series is Paradigm's top custom installation range. The E80-A is designed to be used as front speakers in a reference quality discrete home theater.
The angled drivers make it feel like the sound is coming from the height of the display, rather than from the sky.


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  • 8" 2-driver, 2-way 30° Angled Guided Soundfield In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Bezel-Free Micro-Perf Grill
  • Available with Round or Square Grills
  • SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation System
  • 1" X-PAL Tweeter with Perforated Phase-Aligning Tweeter Lens & Reduced Edge Diffraction Technology
  • 8" X-PAL brushed pure-aluminum bass/midrange driver with overmolded Active Ridge Technology
  • 1.5" high-temp voice coil for high-power handling
  • Rear component shielding
  • Super-strong die-cast aluminum baskets with integrated heat sinks