Elan gSC2 2 Port System Controller

Category: Control Systems, 

Product Code: gSC2

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System integration is evolving. The new gSC2 is culmination of this evolution. Featuring a faster CPU, more memory, updated I/O and updated connectivity, the gSC2 is positioned to be the go-to controller for small-to-medium sized integration projects
The gSC2 includes connections for (2) serial RS-232 devices, (2) ELAN sensors, (4) IR emitters (capable of driving dual emitters), (2) dry contact relays and (1) USB-A. More equipment is being controlled via Ethernet and the gSC2 is compatible with all g! Ethernet drivers. It is power efficient and may be single wire powered using power over Ethernet (PoE) and includes Wi-Fi with an external antenna for areas where you don’t have Ethernet connectivity but need control. g!’s award winning interface is compatible with the widest variety of user interfaces including ELAN’s touch panels, keypads and hand held remotes as well as PCs, Macs and smart devices running iOS and Android operating systems. No matter how or where you want to check on your home, ELAN and the gSC2 will have you covered.


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  • Integrated IP, serial, and infrared control in a one-box design – Control all of your devices, no matter what the format.
  • Easy plug-n-play with any g! interface – Attach any ELAN interface or g! viewer-compatible tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac and it will automatically populate with the same look and feel, no matter which platform. 2-way IP control allows for quick, up-to-date, feature-rich interfaces.
  • On-board relays – Easily integrate shades, garage doors, gates, and other contact closure controlled devices.
  • On-board IR generation – With the world’s largest IR database, there’s no need for IR pass through. Generate IR signals right from the controller.
  • On-board sensor inputs – Go beyond control by automating events triggered by voltage, light, or signal sensing with ELAN sense products.
  • Solid State Memory for Operating System (OS) storage – Ultra efficient fanless CPU with no moving parts means increased reliability and fewer points for failure.
  • Compact design – The gSC2 is a physically small device that may be easily located on a shelf, wall mounted in a cabinet, or located in the structured wiring enclosure.
  • Supports Master and Extender mode – Utilize an additional controller to extend ports and functionality. The SC controllers also support the g1 controller as a UI, OSD and port Extender.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi – Connect wirelessly and reliably with detachable external antenna.