Ditec Arc FACIL 3EH Swing Gate Actuator

Category: Automatic Gates, 

Product Code: DIT-FACIL3EH

Availability: Low


Irreversible electromechanical automations for swing gates. Silent and sturdy, easy to install and connect, they are perfectly suited to any type of installation. These actuators are easy to asseble and install, can be used with a wide range of motors and are designed with practically in mind. Thanks to the articulated arm and lever systems which ensure perfect movement, they are ideal solution for overcoming complex situations, such as gates supported by very large pillars or "out-of-plumb" gates.


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  • Ideal for gates recessed up to 200mm on large pillars or out of plumb pillars
  • Quiet, sturdy and easy to install
  • 24v or 230v versions available
  • Built in control panel in 230v version
  • Battery back up available for 24v version