Cambridge Audio BT100 Bluetooth Dongle

Category: DAC / Music Streamer, 

Product Code: BT100

Availability: Low


Stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or any device that supports Bluetooth to your high-end system
If your smartphone or tablet supports the aptX audio enhancement CODEC, the audio will be broadcast wirelessly in significantly higher quality than standard Bluetooth.
Online music services like Spotify, Last FM, and internet radio stations can be experienced in stunning quality
Connects to Any Supported Cambridge Audio Product
With almost CD-quality reproduction, you'll notice significantly greater dynamics and more detail.


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Seven reasons to choose the BT100 Bluetooth receiver: 

Virtually endless content:
Allows content from any Bluetooth enabled device to the Stream Magic 6, DacMagic Plus or NP30. Great for music stored on the device and the virtually endless content available via internet radio, Last FM and Spotify etc.
Freedom and convenience:
You can easily browse and choose music from a Bluetooth enabled device, from the comfort of a chair.
Upsampled audio:
The upsampling technology in our Stream Magic 6 and DacMagic Plus means all music played through the BT100 is significantly improved for even better sound quality.
High quality sound via aptX:
aptX is a standard which delivers sound quality almost comparable to CD via Bluetooth with an aptX enabled device which the BT100 will even intelligently auto-detect.
Easy to use:
The BT100 simply connects to the USB port on a Stream Magic 6, DacMagic Plus or NP30 and it’s ready to go. Unlike Airplay, there’s no Wi-Fi network, configuration or passphrases required, it’s completely hassle free. Plus it doesn’t just work with Apple devices - it works with any Bluetooth device.
No separate power:
Conveniently, the BT100’s USB connection also provides its power, meaning no additional power supply is required.
Not just music:
As well as music, the BT100 can be used to provide the audio when watching TV / video and playing Apps via a Hi-Fi system