Cambridge Audio Aero 9 500W Subwoofer

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The perfect match for the Aero speakers
Although a superb subwoofer in its own right, the Aero 9 has been developed to compliment the sound of the Cambridge Audio Aero range. By matching the BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) Aero sound, this subwoofer is similarly fast paced and punchy.

Flexible positioning
Thanks to a range of adjustable settings, the Aero 9 is will work well in a variety of systems and settings. The crossover is variable, enabling the sub to cut in anywhere from 40-200Hz and a phase switch optimises the sound for front or rear room placement. Auto on/power control that powers up and shuts down the subwoofer automatically when it senses a signal lets you tuck it away out of sight.
Plug in and buckle up - the Cambridge Audio Aero 9 will take you on a ride through your favourite soundtracks that you won't forget in a hurry!


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