Bitwise BC4 Automation Controller

Category: Control Systems, 

Product Code: BIT-BC4

Availability: Low


Our BC4 controller is perfect for basic single-room systems, or as an expansion controller in larger projects. At the hub of every BitWise system is one or more controllers, which allow the other systems in your home to interact with one another. Since each controller is connected to your network, your system can scale from a single room to an entire home or building. Everything from home theaters and lights to security and HVAC can be accessed from any controller or user interface in the system. 


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The BC4 controller doesn’t just run the components of your automation system. • Supports two-way interaction with serial and networked devices • Communicates with every BitWise user interface and controller on the network • Interacts with mechanical devices, thanks to on-board relays and signal-sensing ports. • Provides built-in macro storage. • Native integration with Omni security & automation systems • Supports third-party intercom door station functionality.