Bitwise BC2 Automation Controller

Category: Control Systems, 

Product Code: BIT-BC2

Availability: Low


The BC2 has all the processing power of our BC1 controller, but in a mid-sized form factor. At the hub of every BitWise system is one or more controllers, which allow the other systems in your home to interact with one another. Since each controller is connected to your network, your system can scale from a single room to an entire home or building. Everything from home theaters and lights to security and HVAC can be accessed from any controller or user interface in the system. 


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The BC2 controller offers the full processing power of the BC1, but in a svelte mid-sized form factor. The smaller size makes it perfect for automation designs involving fewer devices that require the highest level of performance. One App For Everything The fully-customizable BitWise control app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Using templates and modules dealers can customize the look, feel and included features to fit the needs of an organization or individual users.